Tax Credit Processing

Whether 2015 was a record year, or you're thinking about closing your doors- your business can use more capital. With the Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) you can re-energize your company by qualifying your new hires. Chances are you have employees on your staff that could earn your business $1,200 to $9,600 per employee.

Painless Work Opportunity Tax Credits

We understand the complexities of running a business. You are focused on planning for the future, pleasing customers, and finding new ways to operate more efficiently-not processing employee tax incentives. The federal reporting and complex tracking alone can become an administration nightmare. Wasting hours every month only to not receive the tax credits you deserve. Not with Centivise.

What we do.
We help your business realize Work Opportunity Tax Credit potential without deterring focus from what you do best-running your company. We provide a simple approach to enhance maximize your hiring process with WOTC credits. By screening all new employees for eligibility and securing the qualified applicant's government certifications, we ensure you earn every possible dollar per hire. And you won’t even see us doing it. Our business was designed to assist, not interfere with our client's.

WOTC Tax Credit Processing with Centivise

For more information or a free evaluation on your WOTC potential, please contact us today. (727) 873-6920 or through our Online Form.


Are you ready to earn tax credits from WOTC? Centivise is everything you and your business need in one straightforward approach. Started by a team of tax and HR professionals, and built specifically for business owners, Centivise's proprietary process will drastically simplify and streamline the ability to earn WOTC credits for your operation-without getting in the way of your business.

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